Why Choose Refurbished and Used IT Hardware?

Reliable Equipment Source

Wisetek are long term partners with global IT hardware manufacturers, Cloud Service Providers and  Data Centre corporations, to ensuring that they meet the most stringent environmental standards for managing their used servers and IT hardware. Wisetek has transformed these customer operations from an initial cost burden into a tangible profit centre through our advanced remanufacturing capabilities and Remarketing outlets for second hand servers.

Used equipment is transported to Wisetek’s processing centres in Europe, USA or Asia for ‘Recovery for Reuse’ processing or recycling. All systems with market demand are precisely dismantled in Wisetek’s state of the art ESD controlled manufacturing environments. The entire process is governed through the innovative use of ‘Lean / Sigma’ operating disciplines; ensuring recovered components enter the secure data erasure process and operational testing stages undamaged. All components that successfully pass quality inspections are then packaged for use either as individual component parts or reassembled into customer specified comms, server and storage rack configurations. These configured racks are again tested for operational use within a data centre.

Returned materials deemed ‘non- usable’; either through no demand or discovered to be defective, are Responsibly Recycled to the Global R2 and WEEELABELX standard, both of which are the leading standards for electronics repair and recycling.  R2  and WEEELABELX certified companies are rigorously and independently audited, emphasizing the quality of our used IT Equipment, safety precautions towards the environment, and our reporting transparency that surpasses the highest environmental standards.


Quality Remanufacturing and Refurbishment Processes

WisetekMarket's highly experienced team of IT hardware engineers have developed advanced quality management production cells for the testing, assembly and reconfiguration of Remanufacutered and Refurbished IT Hardware. Our customers can avail of "As New" operational Enterprise IT Equipment or for those on a budget they can avail of our Refurbished Second hand servers and Racks.

In addition to using Lean/ Sigma disciplines, all Wisetek facilities are externally audited to certify that they meet the ISO 9001, 14001, 18001, R2 and WEEELabelX operational standards.


Configure to Order

Wisetekmarket’s combined supply of quality used IT hardware and their Remanufacturing operations differentiates us from other server refurbishers. NOt to meniton you're creating a besboke design for a significantly lower cost than if you were purchasing new Enterprise IT Equipment.

Customers are no longer confined to ‘making do’ with whatever configurations their brokers may have available. Instead with Wisetek, they can specify the quantity and specification of servers and storage, required to specifically meet operational demands. Wisetek can even blend ‘new’ and ‘used’ components as required. The Wisetek team will be delighted to discuss your specific needs.


Wisetek Warranty Assurance

Wisetek, under standard terms and conditions of sale, provide their customers with a full replacement service for any defective used parts within the initial 90 days warranty period. As long time IT industry veterans, the Wisetek management team understand the critical nature of Data Centre operations and their quality assembly and test disciplines delivers an assured product. 


Greater Than 75% Cost Savings

Instead of recovering our hardware investment in over 2 years, we achieved this inside 6 months; using Wisetek bespoke configured racks, servers and storage within our production environment.” - CEO Regional Cloud Services Provider, Ireland


This level of financial savings is typical for Wisetek customers, when compared with the cost of purchasing similar new Data Centre equipment from the major rack, server and storage vendors.

For certain online cloud based applications, particularly those competitive low cost service offerings, using recovered equipment from WisetekMarket makes a compelling economic and operational business case. This not only improves the competitive cost structure, but the shortened ROI cycle enables a faster rate of infrastructure change to accommodate unforeseen future service demands.

Part Exchange or Hardware Swap on IT Infrastructure

Depending on the reuse potential or recycle value, WisetekMarket will make an allowance on your redundant Data Centre equipment against any Wisetek supplied rack, servers or storage products.Basically swap your old hardware for a discount on Remanufactured, Refurbished and Used IT Hardware from WisetekMarket.