Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phone


Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phone

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Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phones


New, and with original packaging.

The Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phone 8 Series systems are a full-featured desk phone that offers integrated IP connectivity and telephony. Meaning you can connect this phone up to a local modem and retain your existing number.

These Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phones, support a range of features and functions, including web-based XML business applications, ideal for integrating with web based applications like Salesforce and Dynamics. The quality of audio is unsurpassed, combined with a large high resolution screen. The Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phone version incorporates a colour display and Bluetooth wireless technology. Due to its features and capacity, the Alcatel-Lucents are the ideal phone system for a small office.


Lower costs: IP convergence allows businesses to channel voice communications through their data network
Full range of telephony services
Features including dial-by-name, voicemail and programmable shortcut keys
Superb audio quality
Customised communications infrastructure: Web responsive XML web applications
Compatible with any external Bluetooth wireless technology devices


Alcatel 4068 IP Touch Phones

Superlative sound quality
Full Colour High-resolution screen
Dial-by-name, voicemail, programmable shortcut keys, alphanumeric keyboard
Ultra-modern design with intuitive ergonomics,
Bluetooth technology for wireless freedom
Open to third-party XML applications and services

WisetekMarket covers these IP Office phones with 90 days warranty.