IBM x3620 M3

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IBM x3620 M3

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The System x3620 M3 is a 2U, dual-socket rack server for single or multiple general business application hosting built on innovative IBM® X-Architecture® leveraging Intel Quick Path Interconnect (QPI) technology. Featuring power-optimized, high-performance Intel Xeon multicore processors and an energy-efficient design with balanced functionality, the x3620 M3 can help reduce cost, improve service, and allow you to manage risk easily and simply.

The x3620 M3 is suitable for mid-market and SMB rack clients looking to optimize their IT budgets, and is designed for single or multiple general business application hosting and virtualized, non-blade environments.

Key features

The challenge of a high-performance business is to do more with less—serve more Web pages, handle more secure connections, support more email users. You need to reduce the costs of doing business and improve the service you deliver to your customers while lowering your overall risk. The dual-socket IBM System x3620 M3 can reduce your costs with its new energy-smart design. It can improve service with reduced operational complexity and increased management functionality. It will lower your IT risk with the resiliency that comes from having no single point of failure. And like all IBM servers, the x3620 M3 offers you the trust that comes from IBM global reach, service, and support.

The x3620 M3 is a high-performance rack server that uses significantly less power than previous generations, with unified systems management tools, leading reliability, availability, and serviceability features, and broad system flexibility, housed in a compact 2U mechanical package.

Each IBM x3620 M3 includes:

  • Intel Xeon 5600 x 2
  • 6 x 4GB DDR3
  • 6 Gbps Raid and SAS
  • Integrated 2-port Gigabit Ethernet 
  • 2 x 460W PS

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